Sunday, 5 January 2014

Of sweat pants fashion!

A very Happy new year to you all you lovelies out there....

I hope you had a lovely time this holiday season...I had a lovely long vacation at Goa (pictures coming soon) and am all set to start a new year...I also turned 30 this December (sigh) and am starting to feel the burden of all those 30 years in my bones now...yeah...getting old is not so good..

Anyways...moving on to stuff this post is about...Sweat pants!. YES, they are comfy and YES, you can lounge around in them all day, and YES, they do make the 'behind' look like a big lump...but these babies have been doing the rounds with celebrities and fashionistas so much lately that I was tempted to give them a shot...what the heck, I am 30 and I may never be able to make this work if I can't make it work I went ahead and bought myself a pair this weekend and here's the outfit I put is comfy like any PJ would be but, yes, it does take a little getting used to. You need to be confident and carry these boys with the same attitude as you would carry a tiara on your head...I did see a couple of people turn back and look at me with wonder (maybe they were admiring my guts or they were thinking poor little jackass)...
But I am quite happy with my pants and the whole outfit...and I would definitely be experimenting with this trend a little bit more...

Would love to hear what you think of this trend...Take care.. and have a great week!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Of wide leg pants...

Hey there!

Its the end of the weekend and the year almost...I am super excited about the coming week since I am travelling to Goa for a much deserved vacation!!! (Hurray!!)..

I am soo looking forward to the beaches, some quite time off, relaxing under the sun and just doing nothing except worry about where would we eat our next meal :)...aaaaahh! Its making me drool just thinking about it...
I promise to do a post on how it went and of things I get to buy there...I have already planned a visit to the very famous flea market and the Saturday night market...(wink...wink!) here is my quick post about this super hot new trend..wide leg pants... which I have been noticing quite a lot in stores and I know its kind of a hot fashion trend right now too..So I ordered this cool cheetah print pants from an online store and they are amazing! Firstly, because they costed me around 4 $ only (on sale, silly!) and secondly, they are wide leg pants..DUH!..super comfortable and they are oh so flowy and breezy!

Since there was so much busy print on the bottom, I kept the top toned down and accessories to a minimum. I love the way the outfit came together and which is why I went ahead and ordered a second pair of wide leg pants today :)

Hope your weekend went well...wish you a great week ahead!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Of dresses and tights!

Hey girls..!

I am back to my blog once again and it feels like Heaven (yes, with a capital "H", cuz that's how good it feels!).

You might notice I have a slightly different hairdo so let me know what you think of that alongwith my outfit of the day! A simple dress with a long cardigan is a classic look for all you folks out there who are blessed with fall...not for us..we have perennial sunny weather in Mumbai yeah...I am not jealous at not at all..

I am wearing a light shrug kind of thing that's really long and in a lovely teal color. The dress is an old one but i just adore the way it fits...and nothing much but plain black tights and a pair of wedge heels to complete the look..Yeah..the tights did fetch me some weird looks from people but who cares when you feel like a fairy, right??!

Have a lovely week y'all!
Take care!